“Sales Executive of Medical fields Software Packages”

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Medical Doctor Software Corporation; U. S. A is a based corporation; Which is one of the leader in the world in the “Medical Fields”; Whom specialized in selling the “Medical Fields Software Packages”; For the “Middle East Region”,
Key countries: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Palestine, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and other courtiers of the region.
Please kindly, if you’re living in the “Middle East Region”? We need you to work with us as “Sales Executive” to market our “Software Packages”; working from your country; you setup your own schedules; you will be your own boss, we don’t mind if you do have more than one job! Even you can work from your home.
Basic Skills & Qualifications:
1. English written and spoken.
2. Arabic Language spoken and written (or familiar with).
3. B.S or B.A graduate or less.
4. Basic computers use skills, Online Communications and usage, e-mails, MicrosftWord and others.
5. Own laptop.
6. Internet Service Provider (ISP).
7. Students at all ages and levels are welcomes.
8. Fresh graduates without experience from Universities, Colleges, Institutes or Special Training Programs.
9. All universities and colleges majors apply.
10. Female & Males welcomes with equal opportunity.
11. All ages are welcome; even you’re retired.
12. All Nationalities are welcome, MDS’s Hiring Policies, free of discrimination, regardless of your religion, race, color, sex and nationality.
13. If you don’t have experience in sales; we’ll train you online?
14. If you accepted, you will work in basis of commissions, not Salary.
15. Your Rewards will be very generous commissions.
16. You must have Skype id; we’ll conduct your interview through Skype?
17. Please kindly, respond within 2 weeks?
18. Please kindly, send your resume or CV to: PresidentCEOKhattab@MedicalDoctorSoftware.COM
You can call us at:
USA Cellular/Land Line Phone #: + (424) 777-2201
Jordan Mobile Phone#: + (962) 79-681-9201
Jordan Mobile Phone #: + (962) 77-830-3512

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